Apprehend the Blend

The Blend on Trend approach to beauty is  founded  on extensive research, formal education, cosmetic chemistry,  and - most importantly - years of experience. Whether you're a makeup novice, unsure about product selection, or  looking to elevate your technique, "Apprehend the Blend" educational clinics  offer one-on-one coaching and consultation  to cut down the lengthy process of trial and error necessary to perfect your aesthetic.


Don't Go it Alone

More often than not, perfecting your beauty regimen and "finding your face" is a difficult, and exorbitantly  EXPENSIVE process that requires multiple years of trial and error. Save yourself the frustration and cost of investing in makeup that doesn't live up to the hype, or quite simply isn't made for your skin. When you "Apprehend the Blend," you'll be an expert in reflecting your personality and  inner beauty in your outward appearance. 

The  inundation  of  information pertaining to makeup and beauty can be overwhelming(even altogether misleading), especially if you're just getting your feet wet. While YouTube or Instagram tutorials may be a good place to start, what most fail to address is the fact that no two people have the same skin type, face shape, skin tone and undertone. These elements dictate everything as basic of appropriate products, to nuanced variations of brow shapes that suit your bone structure. This means even if the artists creating these tutorials applied your makeup the same as their own, I guarantee you will not achieve the same level of results. 

Paint Like a Pro

Whether you prefer an in-person session at Hair Musiq or learning remotely via Zoom, master everything you ever wanted to know about:

  • Your face shape - When it comes to contour, one size DOES NOT fit all. Discover the principles and techniques behind enhancing your natural bone structure and creating the illusion of a more lifted, youthful appearance.

  • Skin type and texture- Cosmetic formulations to perfect your aesthetic, improve longevity of makeup, and maintain skin health when it all comes off.

  • Skin tone, undertone, and season -Learn how to find your perfect foundation match and discover tints and shades to compliment your natural coloring.

  • Skin Prep - The art of perfecting your canvas before you even get started improves wearability and skin health, while reducing  application time and visibility of skin conditions.

  • Color correction - Banish blemishes and imperfections without having to cake it on.

  • Applicators - Selecting the appropriate sponges, brushes, and (controversial though it may be within the beauty community) fingers to apply makeup is fundamentally crucial to achieving your desired finish and blend.

  • Lash Mastery - Learn how to perfect your lash application, often the most daunting skill for makeup wearers at every skill level. Clients are also encouraged to purchase lashes designed to suit their eye shape from the Blend on Trend Cosmetics Curation. 

  • Everything eye shadow - Your eyes are the first thing people see when they look at you. Learn how to make them stand out and tell your story without having to say a word.

  • Q&A - Specific questions, techniques, and problems are no problem. Lean on decades of experience  and education,  and you'll be turning heads by looking exactly how you feel: confident, strong, and drop-dead GORGEOUS.


Preparing for your session

It's highly recommended to prepare a few photos of makeup styles, elements or trends you'd like to emulate, and how your makeup looks now, if you wear it. Be sure to connect with the artist to share these photos as reference material to guide your session. 


Clients interested in an in-person beauty consultations at Hair Musiq are encouraged to bring the makeup and lashes they currently use (when applicable), but are also encouraged to test and compare products from the Blend on Trend Cosmetics Curation. 

If you'd like to schedule a remote appointment via zoom, please connect with the artist beforehand to ensure you have all of the necessary materials to achieve your fiercest face before the date of your desired appointment.



Apprehend the Blend services start at only $25 for an hour-long consultation, including any makeup utilized from the Cosmetics Curation. Additional time is provided at a discounted rate of $10 for each additional hour, as beginners may need a little extra time to get it right. Compensation for services rendered over Zoom Meeting is offered exclusively through PayPal

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