- Rose Gold Resplendence-



Upgrade your Rose Gold Facial with a Full Face makeup service featuring the palette that broke the internet:


Mothership V111:

Divine Rose II

by Pat Mcgrath Labs


"Luxuriate in an avant garden of couture colour with Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II. This provocative Eye Palette transforms the blushing beauties of the instantly iconic Mothership VII: Divine Rose into a glittering grandiflora bouquet of 10 brilliantly blendable pigments that elevate eye artistry to the heavens in sublime shades, ranging from petal-soft pink, peach, rosé and burgundy to gilty golds, brazen bronze and astral champagne. 

Futuristic finishes abound, inspiring looks both everyday-exquisite and extraterrestrial-extreme via mesmerizing mattes, supernova shimmers and gleaming glitters, molten metallics, along with an otherworldly triochrome. Adorn eyes in fiercely multidimensional chromatic shine with this aliengelic arrangement. There’s only one rule: BLOOM WITHOUT CAUTION."

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