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The Artisinally curated experience designed to  synergize relaxation and healing effects of aroma-, contact, gemstone, heat and cold therapies. Featuring two active ingredients that  have long been the iconography of dynasties, decadence, and  desire:

Roses and 24 Karat Gold.

Treatment Plan:


Rose essence precleanse
Rosewater and 14K gold infused facial cleanser
Pressed rose flower hydrating toner
Rose and mint lip exfoliant and conditioner
24k gold and collagen under-eye mask
Hydrating rose essence Mask
Facial massage
Rosewater cleanse
(Included as a gift to refresh and  rehydrate throughout the day)
Rose deep hydration face cream
Rose quartz and rose gold facial roller

Suitable for all skin types and customized for skin conditions and sensitivities. 





Roses have been a skincare superstar since the days of Nefertiti and Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, and queens of all types have been using it ever since.


Roses are a rich source of antioxidants, and vitamins C and E that protect the skin from environmental damage, strengthen the skin, and reverse the signs of aging.


The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the rose make it an ideally suited ingredient to treat eczema, acne, rosacea, wounds, and scarring.


Rosewater tones and hydrates by restoring pH level and oil balance.

Rose quartz has been touted for its heart healing effects for millennia, first documented in ancient Egypt, though ancient civilizations around the globe have used this stone for it's evident healing properties indepently from one another.


Though we have yet to fully understand how or why, rose quartz is believed to manipulate and amplify electromagnetic impulses in the heart, increasing circulation.

The boost of circulation improves oxygenation of blood tissue in the skin, and detoxifies impurities that weaken facial muscles and steal your youthful glow.


Chilled rose quartz roller closes and minimizes appearance of pores, as well as reducing puffiness and inflammation. 

Though Facial massage is often perceived as an unnecessary "fluff" service, it offers physiological benefits to the tone, function, texture and appearance of the skin. On the surface, it works to manually drive active ingredients into the upper-most layers of the epidermis, and remove dead cell buildup, revealing brighter, more even skin.


Deep below the skin's surface, massage physically relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of aging and sagging skin.


Massage aids the skin and body's overall health and function by draining toxins through the lymphatic system.


The touch therapy and relaxation reduces the body's cortisol levels, the imbalance of which is the cause of all stress-related conditions.

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